Product Intro.

Our triple AAA hair restoration formula is known for it’s powerful healing benefits. Crown Healing Oil is derived from concentrated organic ingredients.

Beneficial Formula.

Our 100% organic Serum is infused with Hemp derived CBD., Ayurvedic Herbs and the purest Essential Oils to promote scalp healing follicle regeneration.

Why CBD?

CBD reduces inflammation in the scalp. In most cases scalp inflammation is responsible for blocking the hair bulb resulting in premature balding.

How can I benefit from Crown Healing Oil?

Reverse Hard water damage.

Our formula has effective nutrients that can prevent breakage, water retention and straw like strands. Using Crown Healing Oil reverses the damage caused by hard water and returns the elasticity in lifeless hair. A consultation after initial purchase is important for you to get the most out of your treatment based on your hair type. 

Repair split ends with our product.

We can offer you a preventative solution to split ends that will rejuvenate, repair and may bind your lackluster locks. If you warm up the Crown Healing Oil and use it as hot oil treatment, split ends may not need to be immediately trimmed.

Can be used on thin eyebrows & beards.

It is common that these areas are prone to breakage. Using our Crown Healing Oil will stimulate and protect these areas from damage and encourage healthy growth.

Enhance Your Botanical Strength.

Crown Healing Oil contains the perfect blend of essential oils, ayurvedic herbs, and CBD. These follicle nutrients feed your roots, strands and ends protecting your hair from breakage while building stronger, healthier, more resilient hair.

Our Scalp Penetrating formula.

Some products claim to be all natural while using synthetic ingredients and preservatives. These false claims can lead to clogged pores and damaged bulbs. Crown Healing Oil’s formula  contains 100% natural organic ingredients which penetrate effortlessly into your scalp allowing them to seep into the cuticles.

Reversing Hair Loss with our formula...

1 out of 3 people will experience some form of hair loss and or density changes in their lifetime. At Look At Me Now Hair Club, our research has been done and our formula is designed to treat many causes of hair loss including Alopecia. A consultation with one of our experts will be an important part of treating your hair loss.

Scalp microneedling & hair growth?

There are times where Crown Healing Oil alone is not enough. In some cases, scalp microneedling treatments are essential in promoting and stimulating growth. To learn more about scalp microneedling and treatment options please click here.

Crown healing oil in your hair care routine.

During your consultation, based on your hair type, recommendations will be made about adding Crown Healing Oil to particular products. Alternatively, you could simply add a few drops of our oil to your favorite hair care products for added benefits.

Crown Healing oil has multiple uses.

Our unique formula can be added to your favorite shampoo & conditioner, used as a hot oil treatment, mixed into your hair color before application, used as a alopecia spot treatment, added to hair masks, used on eyebrows or beards and most of all it can be used on all hair types.

Why do we infuse our formula with herbs? What’s the Science behind it?

Herbs have been used for a long time in hair care routines around the world. Evidence shows that particular herbs help with hair growth in many ways. For example Horsetail, which is also known as Equisetum arvense, is rich in silica. Silica penetrates your hair follicle and the hair matrix where cells grow in order to build your hair follicle. This herb is typically responsible for reducing hair loss while adding volume.

Many of our hair growth herbs contain iron, beta-sitosterol as well as vitamins A and E which are often deficiencies in those experiencing hair loss. They also contain peptides or short chains of amino acids. This helps block 5-alpha reductase enzymes lowering inflammation in the scalp. Male and female pattern hair loss is influenced partly by inflammation and hormones, including a form of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (dht).‌ Our formula blocks dht 100% naturally. Increasing your derma papilla cell growth. These cells are in your hair follicles and regulate your hair growth. Beta-sitosterol raises growth factors that stimulate hair growth. 

We’ve infused Crown Healing Oil with 21 powerful and effective hair growth herbs.

Crown Healing Oil

Getting the most out of your hair restoration consultation.

Upon making your initial purchase of Crown Healing Oil you’re entitled to 1 virtual consultation with a hair restoration expert, at no cost to you. A custom treatment plan will be created for you, based on your hair type, in detail to better assist you in your hair growth journey. Your consultation will be an essential part of your Crown Healing Oil experience.



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