Rooney Foundation

Rooney Foundation

We, the Rooney Foundation, are a non denominational faith based organization. Our sole purpose is to unite individuals with healing, reason and support, despite the ailments of pain, affliction and suffering. 

Our mission is to educate, provide resources and the support needed for all walks of life. We believe that true miracles are not just preordained circumstances. The true miracle comes from those experiencing hardships with a mindset to overcome all obstacles. 

As leaders we will continue to set the bar high and remain consistent in celebrating each and every individual’s journey. We stand in full support of those who may be suffering with Alopecia and or other autoimmune diseases. We assure you that a diagnosis does not define you and will not be the end of your journey.

As an organization our goal is to uplift your spirit and passion for life. 


 in those experiencing unforeseen setbacks. Individuals, through our financial support, will be given the security to enhance the quality of their lives and the liberty to chase their dreams with their renewed passion for life regardless of the circumstances surrounding their health. 

In order to fund our mission, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Crown Healing Oil will be donated to the Rooney Foundation. Additionally we will be looking to the community for additional funds for our ministry via donations. All funds will be dedicated towards helping individuals become more than their physical and mental circumstances as a result of their afflictions as well as providing support to Alopecia research. Each and every contribution takes us one step closer to reaching that goal. 

Your achievements in helping us advance our mission will be highlighted, and acknowledged, on our website, within our literature and throughout events where possible. Additionally, case studies will be provided so that you can revel in the success in some of our clients. 

This is just the beginning of your wellness chapter and our organization will continue to give, uplift and listen to you.

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