Also known as Scalp Microneedling

What is Scalp Microneedling?

Scalp Microneedling works by using tiny needles to puncture the dermis layer of the skin in order to stimulate a healing response. Microneedling, also known as derma rolling, is an increasingly popular procedure. Proponents believe that applying light pressure to damaged skin via a derma roller coated with small needles can help minimize scar tissue, wrinkles or enlarged pores by encouraging collagen production. Scalp Microneedling procedures are a minimally invasive, relatively low-cost way to address these issues without invasive plastic surgery or down time which makes them popular and very effective alternatives to hair replacements. Collagen production leads to firmer skin allowing for the hair bulb to produce a healthy follicle throughout the treated area of the scalp bed. As a result of treatment, the rejuvenating abilities extend to the scalp for follicle regeneration.

This service is completely effective, 100% chemical free and has zero down time after. Get the confidence you deserve by taking the steps to regrow your beautiful hair. to stand with you throughout this journey.

We offer crown healing microneedling services for Alopecia cases that need more than just the help of our restoration formula.

Crown Healing Oil

Microneedling Using Our Scalp Elixir
Crown healing oil and micro needling is one of the best treatments for fine, thinning hair types, balding areas and scalp scar tissue. Our holistic approach to regenerating hair follicles has been proven to not only treat the scalp but the hair bulb, hair shaft and splitting ends. Crown healing oils’ light texture has high spreadability, and dry feeling makes it ideal for moisturizing all hair types without clogging your pores. It sinks effortlessly into your scalp and because it is made with 100% organic ingredients the formula’s microbial properties build a natural defense against bacteria allowing your treated areas to heal within 1-2 days after your treatment. Once the derma roller opens the epidermis layer our soothing elixir is able to hydrate and repair the roots of your follicles promoting thicker fuller and healthier hair and skin. In fact it helps loosen stubborn sebum and debris which could be affecting hair health and also new hair growth.

How to determine your treatment?

You will consult with our hair restoration expert to discuss your areas of concern whether it’s thinning, balding or scarred due to traction alopecia or damage resulting in hair loss. Following your consultation you will receive a digital scalp analysis followed by a treatment plan that will best suit your needs.

Your quote is determined after your digital analysis. Scalp micro needling services are broken into 6 parts of your scalp, the hairline, forelock, midscalp, crown, nape and the temple. Our unique treatments can be spread over multiple sessions depending on your area of need.

Each section is carefully analyzed using a digital microscope to determine the causes of your hair loss or scalp condition.

It’s suggested that a min. of 3 – 6 sessions recommended for best results.

Cost of Treatment

An initial consultation fee of $150 includes a digital scalp analysis and treatment plan.

Should you choose to move forward with the recommended treatment plan, the $150 consultation fee will be applied to your treatment cost at time of service.

Area to be treated:

Hair line – starting at $365 per session

Forelock – starting at $265 per session

Midscalp – starting at $265 per session

Crown – starting at $265 per session

Nape – starting at $225 per session

Temple* – starting at $325 per session
*Temple refers to each temple, right or left.

What’s included in each session?

Each session includes a treatment consultation, digital scalp analysis, Crown Healing Elixir and scalp massage.

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